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About Micah

I am an author, artist, and illustrator living in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

After studying art, photography and design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C., where I was born and raised, my goal is to use 3D digital art, 2D rendering, photo manipulation, and video for both social commentary and to explore new realities just slightly askew of this one with multimedia gallery shows and books.




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The worlds in which I play


Analog Nightmares Vol.1 (2016)

Digital Dreams (2012)

Flip Noir (2017)

The Gateway (2015)

Voyage (2017)

Voyage Character Trailer

My work can be seen in
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Latest News

The Voyage Begins October 20th

The Gallery at Big Picture is presenting something very different at the second Ave. L – it’s an ART thing! event on October 20th at 7pm. Digital artist and story writer Micah Pearson has labored over a year to present to you the multimedia experience of “The Voyage.” Through a blend of printed glass, video tablets, and other storytelling techniques, Pearson portrays the transition from adolescence into adulthood against the backdrop of a colorful, vibrant, and fantastic multiverse – a space in which we discover that we are specs of dust in the cosmos, and that a grain of sand contains vast universes of potential.

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Flip Noir series, Coming Soon!

“I knew he was trouble the minute he blew into my office like a hurricane, his damp clothes clinging to him like an old lover that couldn’t let go. Just from the look of his eyes . Bright with fear, shining with panic. He looked kinda pretty that way. Right there, I knew I was in trouble.”

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