The world we know is the world of man. We live Inside. Inside the Asylum. There are worlds beyond we only half­ remember as dreams, legends, and faith. They are Outside. In between those are the places made from thoughts and pure magic. They are Sideways. It wasn’t always that way, so it’s probably not going to stay that way forever. There are Outsiders that want to come in. They’ve learned this world is a haven. There are others who want to get out. They’ll learn this world is also a prison.

Welcome to the world of Asylum where Earth glitters as a faraway beacon of hope and opportunity to creatures we know from myth and legend. In Asylum you live in a world that has adapted to the subtle presence of the supernatural. That adaptation has taken on many forms. Magical detectives investigate Outsider crimes, Human ambassadors meet with demigods and fey royalty, helpful gnomes run restaurants and apartment buildings and mermaids dream of becoming Broadway stars.