Flip Side: A Flip Noir Casefile (2019)

Flip Side - A Flip Noir Casefile

Flip Side: A Flip Noir Casefile is the latest illustrated novel from the mind of Micah Pearson, the creator of the Digital Dreams, Gateway, and Voyage Gallery Shows as well as the writer/illustrator of The Traveler’s Guide to the Multiverse. The story takes place in the Flip Noir universe previously only…

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Flip Noir (2017)

Available In the Store “I knew he was trouble the minute he blew into my office like a hurricane, his damp clothes clinging to him like an old lover that couldn’t let go. Just from the look of his eyes . Bright with fear, shining with panic. He looked kinda…

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Analog Nightmares Vol.1 (2016)

MICAH PEARSON’S ANALOG NIGHTMARES: It has been a long time coming… It has hidden there, in the dark of our own blood, for millennia. Once, it was rare for it to stir, to boil. But every time it did… Oh God. A horror anthology/art book that presents a suite of monsters from…

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The Gateway (2015)

Gateway Gallery Show

Embracing a rougher, more natural feel in both texture and form, as well as fully utilizing my training as a photographer, “The Gateway” represents a return to my roots as an artist. This collection of artwork explores themes such as the nature of reality and perception as well as reframing familiar stories from literature.

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Digital Dreams (2012)

The Digital Dream is one where different worlds and time periods come together to form a something new, unique , and beautiful. No dreamer truly knows its boundaries, but if our subconscious is powerful enough to create universes, then can we not do the same thing with the conscious mind?…

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