Flip Side: A Flip Noir Casefile is the latest illustrated novel from the mind of Micah Pearson, the creator of the Digital Dreams, Gateway, and Voyage Gallery Shows as well as the writer/illustrator of The Traveler’s Guide to the Multiverse. The story takes place in the Flip Noir universe previously only explored in images. The story will introduce you to Kacey Darwin, Private Investigator. You’ll also meet her motley assortment of friends and allies, and even greater assortment of enemies. Finally you will discover a mystery that will shock you to your core and make you reconsider which side you’re on.

Welcome to the world of Flip Noir. It isn’t a particular city. It’s every city. It isn’t a particular time. It’s every time. It is a city of crime and corruption; of greed and avarice. A city where the people play Rock, Paper, Silencer and the only ones who get out ahead are the ones with the money to hold the rest back. A city that is a dark reflection of our own civilization. Anything more than that I’ll leave for you to discover as you read.