Voyage (2017)

The Voyage show, book, and film are Coming October 7th 2017: A large part of the experience of growing up is that your world keeps getting bigger while your place in it gets ever smaller. As a child, everything in your world is tailored to you, and your universe consists…

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The Gateway (2015)

Gateway Gallery Show

Embracing a rougher, more natural feel in both texture and form, as well as fully utilizing my training as a photographer, “The Gateway” represents a return to my roots as an artist. This collection of artwork explores themes such as the nature of reality and perception as well as reframing familiar stories from literature.

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Digital Dreams (2012)

The Digital Dream is one where different worlds and time periods come together to form a something new, unique , and beautiful. No dreamer truly knows its boundaries, but if our subconscious is powerful enough to create universes, then can we not do the same thing with the conscious mind?…

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